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Name:Exhibition of Tapestries
Location:Stockholm, Sweden
Exhibition of 16th and 17th century tapestries at The Hall of State in the Royal Palace, Stockholm.
The exhibition is conceived as a temporary, textile clad structure built inside the surrounding hall. The temporary arrangement is carefully positioned so that the surrounding architecture can still be experienced and appreciated, being only partially covered behind the art treasures that in former times adorned the spaces of royal feasts or rituals.The tapestries are hung in front of blue linen surfaces that are mounted on steel scaffolds. The steel structures are visible behind the exhibits and are standard circular steel rods. To prevent spectators from touching the exhibits the blue linen textile is also mounted on a horizontal surface extending 100 cm in front of the tapestries at floor level. This horizontal surface makes ropes or fences superfluous. In spatial terms this horizontal surface also serves to ground the vertical presentations on the
stone floor of the hall.
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