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Name:Grand Rapids Art Museum
Location:Grand Rapids, USA
Project for a new building for the Grand Rapids Art museum.
One of three shortlisted architects in the final selection.
The downtown site of the museum gave inspiration for an easily accessible ground floor, transparent to the street with many different public activities. The upper floors, which host the permanent collection, have a more contemplative mood. The different floors are interconnected by double-height lobbies, creating a building that should be conceived as one entity, though large and rich with the elaborate qualities of an ancient palazzo. A roof terrace that opens to the sky concludes the walk through this meandering space. Next to the site is a small existing park designed by Maya Lin. The brief asked for around 2000 square metres of exhibition space, a large auditorium, libraries, children interactive galleries, 2000 square metres of art storage, workshops, offices for administration, a restaurant and a café.

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