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Name:Hotel & ABBA Museum
Type:Commercial, Competition
Location:Stockholm, Sweden
This project began as a competition that the office won in 2010.

The building is located between the Liljewalchs Gallery of Art of 1911 and the Amusement park Gröna Lund at Djurgården in Stockholm. It accommodates a small hotel with 48 rooms, a restaurant and exhibition spaces.

The the terraced facades make the hotel slightly less pushy in the dense 18th century city fabric but also give privacy to the rooms as they are withdrawn behind balustrades and fences. Each hotel room has a glazed sliding partition which opens up to a small terrace.

The facades are made of massive glue laminated wood elements. The new courtyard facing towards Liljewalchs is paved with reused lime-stone slabs from the earlier establishment.

Completed in May 2013.

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