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Name:Yellow House
Location:Stockholm, Sweden
The house, located in Mälarhöjden, a suburb of Stockholm, sits on a very steep northern slope over-looking the lake Mälaren.

The volume of the building is inspired by the many constraints of the site. Due to the limited size of the ground the footprint of the new building closely follows the shape of the borders of the property and the program of the project is divided into four floors. Furthermore, the profile of the building is modelled to comply with the height restrictions of the area. The ground floor recess is required to give sufficient space for the driveway passing to reach the neighbouring property.

The concrete structure of the house is clad with glazed brick in three different hues of yellow and unglazed corner stones. Windows and doors are made of massive, red oak with black, oxidized copper on exterior surfaces.

Completed 2015.

Arkitektur No. 4, Stockholm, 2017
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