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Name:Museum of Film
Location:Stockholm, Sweden
Project for a new Museum of Film, located underground and adjacent to the Swedish Film Institute in Stockholm.
The museum will be situated at the perimeter of the city centre, at the site of the former royal hunting grounds. The entrance, a circular sunken courtyard, lies close to the large existing ramp that leads to the public areas of the Swedish Film Institute from the late 1960s. Behind the glazed wall of the sunken courtyard are the administration, a café, a bookshop and the exhibition spaces. Further into the museum, away from the courtyard, are the darker exhibition spaces characterised by moving film images projected onto the walls. The grassy expanse of Gärdet surrounds the sunken courtyard. The only part of the museum that rises above ground is a canopy, which also supports a projection screen used for courtyard film screenings during dark, late-summer evenings.
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