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Name:Hamnen, Malmö
Type:Urban Planning
Location:Malmö, Sweden
In this plan proposal for the old harbor area in Malmö our ambition has been to connect it with the inner city of Malmö by using connecting streets and a similar structure. We have wanted to prevent that it becomes a secluded housing area instead of a vital part of the town.
The structure of inner-city Malmö has proven to be durable and flexible over time. This is what we acquire to, but with contemporary solutions to traffic, security, sufficient sunlight and green spaces.
We argue that our plan with its division in regular blocks allows great variety in the architecture to come and can serve as a firm guide in future developments.
We have put extra effort in showing strategic alternatives for the large structure “Teknikportalen”. We felt it is important to use existing buildings to as large extent as possible. This contributes to a feeling of authenticity.
Making the border between the public and the private clear is one tool in strengthen the qualities in both of these functions -a vital street life in contrast to a protected family-oriented life in the court yards.
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