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Location:Västerås, Sweden
The area of the old steam power plant in Västerås is converted into cinemas, museum and exhibition spaces, artist studios and an outdoor space for concerts, theatrical performances etc. In addition to the complex, a new building is proposed. This new, long house measures 30 x 140 m. An outdoor space, facing Lake Mälaren and the marina, is formed between the existing and the new. The new house gives room for a number of different spaces. Day-lit rooms are located on either side of the building, giving place to larger, dark or ceiling-lit spaces in the middle. The entrance hall is situated in the east part of the building with glass facades towards the bus stop area and the event space. A ceiling-lit portico separates the entrance and the rest of the building, which closes towards the road. Entering the complex from this side gives a direct, focused view of the entrance staircase to the activities in the existing houses. The facades of the new building acquire plasticity from the shifting between closed surfaces and glass openings or terraces. The cladding is of different materials, wood being only one. This adds a new expression to the existing homogeneous brick architecture.

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