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Location:Stockholm, Sweden
An additional Art Gallery for temporary exhibitions at the Millesgården Museum, Lidingö, Stockholm. Invited competition, 1996. Building inaugurated October, 1999.
Large stone terraces with sculptures high above the Stockholm archipelago is one of the main features of Millesgården. Adjacent to these terraces, behind an old existing boundary wall, lies the new Art Gallery.
The exhibition spaces are located under the unifying horizontal roof, and are lit by two types of skylights. The varying floor levels anchor the building into the terraced terrain and articulate the exhibition spaces. The large staircase is intended for both circulation and as seating for musical performances, etc. The facades are of gray roughened plaster, and the interior consists of white walls and ceilings, lye-treated fir floors, and red oak finishes in the reception and museum shop. The seating in steel and leather was custom-made for the Gallery. The facade facing the terraces along the restored stonewall is of oiled red oak. The canopy roof projecting over the wall is intended to complete the outdoor environment to the south. Here, under the roof and along the wall, an entirely new outdoor space is formed in the existing terrace milieu.

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