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Name:University College of Teachers
Location:Stockholm, Sweden
The project is part of a large expansion of the Campus of the University College of Teachers located in and around the hospital garden of the former Konradsbergs Asylum.
The building contains mainly of lecture rooms, seminar rooms and offices. Structurally, the building is organised along a central core consisting of an extended lantern lit stair hall. Two, perpendicularly placed suites of lecture rooms and seminar rooms describes a triangular space which holds a large open office. This space is slightly fragmented by the semi-courtyard that divides the space into two. The main entrance is located at this courtyard. Continuous large ribbon windows articulate the facades. These windows are made of red oak. The building has an in situ cast structure with slender precast columns at the facades. Inside floors and stairs are of black terrazzo. The exterior finishes are in plaster. The furniture in the public and recreational spaces, sofas, low chairs and low tables, were designed by Johan Celsing.

Arkitektur DK, Kopenhagen april, 2002.

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