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The Stockholm Seminar
Tuesday, September 30, 2008
The Stockholm Seminar is a meeting about architecture with a focus on the buildings and projects of significant contemporary architects. The symposium will last for two days, during which architects from Europe, the US and China will give lectures to present their projects and their completed works.

The Stockholm Seminar is intended to provide substance for the public debate on architecture as a discipline and to inspire a Scandinavian audience by presenting a group of significant architects.

The Stockholm Seminar is intended to complement the current development of theory in the subject of architecture by drawing attention to a group of architects whose approach to their work can tentatively be described as reflective rather than theoretical or programmatic. The focus will be placed on works that both fulfil practical, and in many cases everyday, functions, and at the same time reveals a critical and committed approach to architecture as a discipline. Even though these architects are not described as theoreticians, their approach to the subject is nevertheless intellectually well founded and several of them are known as writers on the subject.

Photograph by Ioana Marinescu.
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